Monday, December 29, 2008

play as banzai bill in sm64

PAL 8131998C 80198131998E 264C80309437 0015803004E2 0000 NTSC 8134BD5C 80198134BD5E 324C8033B177 0015803331C2 0000

Monday, December 22, 2008

Talk to Peach-outside the castle

8130F898 C2168130F89C 444A8130F8A0 C52B8030F80D 00198130F80E 3A908130F834 80138130F836 87608030F977 00FF8030F93F 0014
81341C68 C21681341C6C 444A81341C70 C52B80341BDD 001981341BDE 469081341C04 801381341C06 936080341D47 00FF80341D0F 0014 code made by yoshielectron

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Create your own codes

Codes are actually quite simple in that they simply write a certain value to a variable (such as lives, health, etc) and even the activators (to peform an action when a certain button is pressed) just check for the value of a variable.

These codes modify the RAM (memory) where temporary information such as varibles are stored but with millions of possibilities making certain codes can be difficult but not impossible. At the very least you need to be able to view the memory such as that provided by some cheat cartridges, such as the Equalizer which also allows you to edit the memory.

I'm going to show you how to create codes using Nemu64, a N64 emulator that wasn't that well made but has great code making plugins. It has helped me make codes faster as well as more advanced cheats although sometimes I still have to use my N64 and Equalizer.

First thing to do is to load a SM64 ROM and start the game so that you are outside the castle. Codes that do the same thing (infinite health, and so on) will be different for different regions of the same game due to extra features, bugs removed, etc. To check what version of the ROM you have, go to the Plugins menu and choose Show Rom Info...So here, the values will be specific to the USA (NTSC) version of SM64, but the step-by-step of how to make the codes can be used for all regions.

We are going to find the Mario object which is the collection of variables that relate to what Mario does, how he looks, his size, etc. Every object in a level has these variables, and with 240 objects (not normally all used) in a course, how can we find Mario? One way is to search for Mario's graphics value which will be in memory in several places, including his object.

Let me take you back, say, 5 years ago when I had only started to hack Super Mario 64 using my Equalizer. I don't remember exactly how, but I had stumbled upon the castle tower object and I noted a certain value (the graphics pointer). I then looked at the next object which was a tree and compared the value, changing it to that of the tower: the tree now looked like the tower. That was only the start...

I have graphic pointer values listed on this page, since they are for the PAL game, for common objects (such as Mario) to convert to the USA (NTSC) version add 0xA940 (in hex, see the 0x). Right, that's 0x800E5F20 (PAL)+0xA940=0x800F0860 (NTSC). You'll need a calculator with hex support such as the Windows calculator and some pocket calculators. by yoshielectron


Although a few variables in an object structure determine how an object behaves (e.g., if it can be climbed like a tree) it is the behaviour scripts that really make an object come to life. The behaviour scripts are a list of instructions that place certain values in the object's variables and also calls functions that do a lot of the hard work.
These behaviour scripts, along with the graphic ID (with the exception of some behaviours that do not require a graphic ID) are used to create an object. They are also the values to be used with yoshielectron's spawn code. These values remain the same between the different versions of the game since they are used to calculate the actual addresses of the data needed for spawning objects. by yoshielectron

Saturday, December 20, 2008

nes sound just like nes

A032C96B DDD4 NES Sound this code is not made by me

lot's more cheat codes

Head Is Constantly Turning To The Left:/Buttons Don't Work 8133AFAA 0036 226 See Mario's Hat/Buttons Don't Work 8133AFAA 0040 Glitch Codes 227 Press GS Button For A Camera That Is Really Far Away A832540A A620 228 Press GS Button For A Camera That Is Close To Mario A8325403 FF00 229 Tiny "Super Mario 64" sign (1st screen) A032540A A620 230 Huge "Super Mario 64" sign (1st screen) A0325403 FF00 231 Any Movement Will Kill You 8033B1B5 FFFF 232 Die At Beginning/Trapped Inside Invisible Walls 8033B1B5 1111 233 Mario Occasionally Disappears 8033B3B8 0055 234 Mario's Hat Comes On/Off 8033B3B4 0055 235 Multi-Colored Mario/Red Gloves A032C597 0001 236 Mario Has Blue Gloves A032C597 0000 237 Create Your Own Stars 8133B218 0068 238 Missing Head & A Bit of Left-Arm Mario A032C596 0DEE 239 REALLY Blurred Mario/Wide & Big Mario A032C598 CCCC 240 Pole/Tall Mario/See Through Some Surroundings & Can Move Them A032C597 EFFF 241 Super-Huge Pants Mario A032C597 CCCC 242 Mario Has A Hole In His Right Foot A032C597 AAAA 243 Stretched-Out Mario/Some Surroundings A032C596 AAAA 244 Mario's Left Leg Flickers Occasionally 8133BEC0 00FF 245 Mario's Arms & Legs Flicker Occasionally 8133BCC0 00FF 246 Mario Occasionally Grows Even More Wider 8133B2C0 00FF 247 Mario Is Sleightly Less Wider 8133B2C0 0001 248 Belly-Flompin' Stompin' Mario 8133B18E 00FF 249 Crazy Floating Mario 8133B1B0 EEEE 250 Mario Dies/Bowser Laughs At You/Mario Freezes Outside Castle In Mid-Air 8133B1B0 0000 251 Castle's Entrance Leads To A Dark Room 8133B18E 00AA 252 Strange Doors 8133B18E 00DD 253 Slightly Drunk Mario When Standing Still 8133B18E 0099 254 Strange Doors #2 8133B18E 00CC 255 Mario Wearing Plus Holding Cap/Flickering Into Metal Mario 8133B176 7171 256 Mario Holding Cap/Flickering Into Metal Mario 8133B176 6161 257 Game Freezes When you Press Start A032B62F 0001 258 Reverse Power Meter 8133B25E 0001 259 Locust Sound Mode #2 A032D550 0001 260 Machine Gun Sound Mode A032D54C 0001 261 Locust Sound Mode A032D548 0001 262 Echo Sound #3 A032D544 0001 263 Funky Sound A032D540 0001 264 Weird Sound A032D534 0001 265 Yoshi Sounds Like Clavas A032D530 0001 266 Echo Sound #2 A032D528 0001 267 Chunk/Freeze Opening A032D524 0001 268 Time-Bomb Ticking A032D51C 0001 269 Static/Fuzz #4 A032D518 0001 270 Static/Fuzz #3 A032D514 0001 271 Static/Fuzz #2 A032D510 0001 272 Echo Sound A032D504 0001 273 Freaky Sound A032D500 0001 274 Walk Up Hills A1253DAC 0000 275 Mario Leans Right Modifier 8033B3C0 ???? 276 Stripe Land A032B60F 0001 277 Striped Screen A032B61B 0001 278 Hell On Earth/Flat Shaded Mario A032B61D 0001 279 Cool Red Pattern/Picasso Sky A032B61E 0001 280 Hell On Earth Without The Flash A032B61F 0001 281 Cool Power Meter 8133B266 0001 282 Slightly Darker Game A032C62B 0001 283 Can't Get Coins 8033B218 FFFF 284 Blinds/Disco/Carpet World 8033B425 0002 285 White/Disco World 8033B425 0001 286 Have "M13" Stars 8033B21A FFFF 287 Sandio 8033B17A 0080 288 Splashio 8033B17A 0040 289 Leafio 8033B17A 0020 290 Smokio 8033B17A 0008 291 Snowio 8033B17A 0002 codes not made by me

play as the hulk work's everywhere

8107EC40 05958107EC42 05958107EC38 05958107EC3A 05958107EC20 50058107EC22 50058107EC28 50058107EC2A 50058107EC50 05958107EC52 05958107EC58 05958107EC5A 05958107EC70 05958107EC72 05958107EC68 05958107EC6A 05958107EC80 05958107EC82 05958107EC88 05958107EC8A 0595810F0890 3F808033B22C 00E88133B178 FFFFA033B197 0001810F0890 3F80A1253DAC 00008033B177 0000D033AFA1 00208133B1BC 4220D033B1BD 00208133B17C 0300D033B1BD 00208133B17E 0880 code not made by me